Read What I Write

Armed with a M.A in Fashion Studies and over five years of various editorial experience, what I know best is how to tell a story. 

My interest in the fashion industry (and true calling) has allowed me to produce content that has appeared in the Montreal Gazette, Cult Mtl,, and, to name a few. I also keep a close eye on the Canadian fashion landscape and retail sector as the Canadian correspondent for B2B website, Fashion Network. 

I’m passionate about covering a variety of aspects pertaining to fashion such as fashion and society, fashion and the environment, fashion and business, as well as life topics (hello 20-something year-olds), women’s rights, and everything in between.  

I equally have experience leading digital strategies and creating branded content. Currently, as Content Manager for fashion e-commerce website From Rachel, I lead their content strategy, which merges fashion editorial content with commerce. Prior to that, I worked in a similar role for over a year for primetime TV and radio host Isabelle Racicot’s e-commerce and lifestyle website

Other life highlights include being in the same room as Kate Moss, that time I faced the fire on Dragon’s Den and interviewing Canadian designer Tanya Taylor (Love her!). 

I am always on the look out for the next big story and open to new opportunities in fashion journalism. To get in touch visit my contact me page.